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Just working on an internal dashboard for both practice and to get some ideas out and rolling. the left part is the entire sidebar and part of the header and the right is just the time and weather info for each client/project.
When you click on one of the weather sections, it will switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

I was also thinking that I should add another line to the weather cities and display the time for them too, instead of having multiple sections for time and cities. While keeping your main time at the top.

The concept is that you can add a client's/teammate's main city and/or time zone and then you can reference what time it is and then have something to start the conversation and not directly ask "What's the weather like out there?" and instead say "so I hear it's a bit chilly outside." It's a bad example really, but you get the point. You seem more informed than you actually should be and you've done your research about their lives, etc. "The Little Things."

Let me know what you think!
I have added a Fullview of the left side.

Sorry for the essay :P

Added a tweaked version with some of the changes I mentioned above.

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