The All-Seeing Flag

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For 7 years my personal identity was a ligature of the letters “K” and a backwards “F” that was creatively combined to create in a way that felt like a flying “K.” In all transparency it was a little reminiscent of the Weezer logo as well. Through the conceptualization of my new personal identity, the All-Seeing Flag and calling my projects part of “The United States of Kyle Fletcher,” a platform has been created that encompasses all types of work I now participate in as a working graphic designer, practicing conceptual artist, and aspiring writer.

The ‘All-Seeing Flag’ was derived from 3 of my undying fascinations: America, Conspiracy, and Magic. America: The American Flag is a timeless object of beauty and continues to find new evolutions and applications every day. The freedom of expression encouraged in America though often a headache is a truly beautiful reality. Conspiracy: The Illuminati and the chance of a puppeteering higher power is something I fight to believe and disbelieve every day. Conspiracy is a fascinating spectacle that is a magnet for fabrication and stretching of the truth. Magic: In the spirit of anything being possible and controlling your own destiny there is still something to be said about magic and happenstance chance. Whether its being in the right place at the right time or doing the right action at the right time magic is real and it is all around us.

The construction of the neon was executed by a trained signmaker but all conceptual decisions were made by yours truly. Red was selected for its provocatively menacing glow to add an element of mischief, sexuality, and subtle humor. Clear backing was selected for transparency. Nothing can hide from the immediate glow of the piece.

This sign kicks off my multi-facetted approach to creative projects and offers a presence that goes beyond my personal projections. Quite literally it is a flag recreated as a neon sign and it’s watching you.

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