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Alright so I think this is what the client decided to go for. Actually you know what, first off, I'd like to apologize for not including a proper description of what the logo and the concept was all about on the other post.

The idea of website to be built is to basically be Kalahari but for coffee... (That's what I was told.) Straight forward huh? Alright lets move on. So the concept implemented here by yours truly is that of a top view of a mug or a cup which also doubles as a magnifying glass. I also tried implementing the letter C, you know, for Coffee and finally, the coffee bean! Nothing says cliché coffee logo better than a coffee bean illustration right? Yep!

Might still play a bit more with the color combination and color placement. Just those little finishing touches that make feel better about myself... as if I have a clue or something... Alright as I mentioned, this logo design is for a website that I will probably be doing the interface for BUT I doubt that I will post it here. Not that I do not want to or that I suck at web design, its just that most of the time, there's external forces that turn to screw with what you feel is great looking work. This happens a lot to me in website design.

Feedback much appreciated.

P.S. Check out the attachment to get a closer look.

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