Jantine Zandbergen

30 Day Logo Challenge VIII - Shenzen Bubble Tea

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30 Day Logo Challenge VIII - Shenzen Bubble Tea chinese font icon clean illustrator vector colorful brand identity branding logo 30 day logo challenge thirty day logo challenge logocore shenzen bubble tea pastel cute adorable chinese bubble tea kawaii cute

Ah, bubble tea! When I read the brief for ‘Shenzen Bubble Tea’ I immediately knew what road I wanted to take: cute! I love Chinese, Japanese and Korean branding: it’s always simple, clean and often features something kawaii. The brief asked for a logo that could be used for all flavors of bubble tea offered, so I created a cute icon that could be turned into many colors representing the different flavors. All bubblegum-sweet of course!

Oh and for the Chinese speaking: Google Translate helped me with the Chinese, sorry if I misspelled anything! 🥤

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