Chic Every Weather iOS App

"What to wear today" was the starting point to have Siri become our personal fashion guru. This was a special project to me. Worked closely with my wife Joana, which happens to be a fashion blogger, and who curates all the content that our users see in the app. Siri is integrated through shortcuts, that a user can activate making Siri their fashion advisor.

We created a new experience to search for fashion inspiration. Chic Every Weather suggests outfits depending on the weather outside. Apple was excited with the possibilities and was kind enough to get us featured as the "New Apps We Love" across 14 different countries from day 1.

We are currently working on the v1.2 with space to allow more dynamic communication between brands and consumers.

— Brands wanting to collaborate and integrate our platform please talk with my partner in crime (Joana Branco:

Please check our website to learn more:

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