Larry Levine

Skillshare - Logotype Masterclass Project

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I recently took @Jessica Hische's Logotype Masterclass on Skillshare and wanted to share the end result. Jessica focused on redesigning a more stylized logo using Jeni's ice cream as her example on how to keep a brand's roots intact, while improving on the mark and adding her own personal touch.

I wanted to challenge myself by taking a well-known iconic brand, one that I am familiar with and have a more intimate understanding of, and begin to work to solve some potentially functional issues with it. My goal was to create more balance within the letterforms, making the logo more scalable or readable at a smaller size, which also makes it easier to embroider and use across different mediums (at scale). I didn't want to totally overhaul the mark, much like Jessica and Jeni's, but wanted to provide some level of improvement to it.

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