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AR Mobile App Design for Art Projections

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Happy Friday guys!

This is the animated version of designs @Andrey created here at Zajno for an AR mobile application that allows projecting the art you're about to paint on the wall and calculating how much paint or other materials are necessary to create it. This product will come in handy for creatives to better visualize their future work and buy the necessary amount of materials, for paint distributors and for interior/exterior designers.

How does it work?
Say, you want to put a graffiti on the wall and want to see exactly how it’ll look like and find out how much paint you’ll need.
Step 1. You choose a PNG of your art (with transparent background).
Step 2. Using AR you scan the wall and fit the art on it choosing the necessary size.
Step 3. The app calculates the surface area, the amount of the paint needed and the average cost of all the necessary materials.

Make it stand out. As the target audience of the app mainly consists of young creatives, our task was to come up with such design that could appeal to them.

To achieve the goal we used contrast colors and dark color palette, bold typography and unconventional graphics.

That’s the first version of the app design, so both @Andrey and I are looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions. Hope the animated version of it gives you a fuller picture of the app. Stay tuned and share your thoughts!

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