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Powermo is a web service that allows consumers and small businesses to monitor and see the usage of electrical devices (TVs, Xbox, sump pumps, etc.). This service is not only for those who have Smarthomes Devices. It also can be used by kids to learn to control how much time they spend on these activities. 

The main goal was to develop a compelling and attractive logo design. The clients suggested using an image of a black and white logo design with the dog holding a light bulb or lightning bolt showing energy and power.
In the process of developing the logo design, we concurred that it would be better to use a simple and colourful metaphor to express a playful and friendly nature of the company. Our team proposed the concept represented smiling power socket. The sign can be used as the device status to show if everything is going ok or need an attention. Colours of the sign also represents statistics and devices that the user can monitor through the service. This simple image fully represents the brand message and is interesting for potential users. 

To supplement the image of the company, we also proposed the basic brand components as fonts and colours which also maintain the image of friendly service.

Drop us a line → work@voronoi.co

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