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Medoptic - Scheduling App

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I've been working with Immertec for several months now and this is the mobile app I've started to design. This will take the users through a 2FA process to view upcoming medical training sessions. đź”’

The user group is not exactly the most tech-savvy so my goal was to make something as accessible as possible.

All primary buttons, such as "Sign In", are given some level of depth to help the user instantly recognize their function. They also appear larger than the secondary buttons to help emphasize the overall goal of that screen. For the secondary buttons, I quickly realized my initial mistake of simply using iconography to do the job for "Back" and "Log Out". After some basic usability testing, I realized I really needed to tell the user exactly what they were about to do, as to not cause any confusion. The exception to this was the help button that every user instantly recognized as a help button.

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