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Wolfpack gift portrait spike jonze jj abrams skateboard deck wolfpack dog growcase

Pretty happy with 2018. Probably the best year of my life, both personally and professionally. But there was ONE project that topped them all for me this year. When Mr. J.J. Abrams reached out to me personally for a small little project he wanted to collaborate on. It took me a while to figure out if it was real or if someone was messing with me.

Turned out it was real. Also turned out to be a great project and Mr. Abrams was one of the nicest and most professional down to earth people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

And for those of you who know me, you know I never was a Star Wars fan, but I am a fan of everything else he’s been involved with. When I was a kid, I had been sick with a fever and when I finally got out of bed, my neighbour invited me over to watch a movie. We watched “Regarding Henry” and I loved it. It was J.J. Abrams’ first movie. He wrote it. So we got to talk about that and also we discussed why his movie “Joyride” was titled “Roadkill” here in Sweden. Weird, right?

The project we worked on was a gift for Spike Jonze. A skateboard deck featuring a portrait of his dog named Wolfpack, who’s a rescue. And adorable to boot!

(Oh btw. He found me through @Dribbble)

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