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I was inspired by some BBC artwork today and over the last few years I have seen gradients grow in popularity. I’ve always been interested in gradients, they are literally everywhere. Not just in design, they occur in nature all around us. The way a light shines on a coloured wall, light to dark, the sky. It’s no wonder they are so prevalent in today’s design world.

Some tut and say here’s another design phase, a fad, something trendy, popular on Dribbble, oh not this again, oh look what’s come back around. Honestly they never went away, some of us just to like to pick up on these things and be negative, spreading their ill feelings with the internet getting other negative folks to join the band wagon.

Anyway I love gradients and after seeing the BBC 2 artwork today and finding Grabient by @lobanovskiy and the @unfoldco team inspiring. have created my own wavy gradient. I like the brightness, the colour, the excitement. I’ve provided a little guide on different shadow treatments so you can do if yourself. Feel the gradient.

The shadow it self is set to x -30 y 0 and blue 50. In the attachments you will see some different shadow applications, plain black no layer effect, then colour shadows in 2 opacitys and set to multiply.

Posted on Dec 12, 2018
Damian Kidd
Designer Dad

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