Tab Player


Made a quick mockup of audio controls that browsers could add to their tabs. Because something that I find a bit frustrating with audio in browser is this:

Imagine you listen to a web radio, like in this example We Are Hunted. Now somebody tweets a link to a video, you click it, but before you can watch the video you have to hunt down the audio that is playing in one of the tabs and try to find the pause button so you don't get it mixed with the video.

A solution could be that browser tabs would expose a button when audio is detected. So you could quickly pause them while staying active on your current one. It might also would make sense to have a standard API/spec that websites could use. Like a "skip to next song" which would be very handy to have quick access to.

Another thing (or maybe even instead of this) that would be great to have: An API that works with the audio keys on the keyboard, like you all are probably already using for iTunes, Spotify or so.

PS. I guess there are lots of implementation details to consider. So it might not be that simple, but just had to get it out anyways.

Update: For Grooveshark, there is a status bar app that works with keyboard shortcuts.


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