Denisse García


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Knack used to have 4 apps. One to see your knacks and job opportunities (Knack Games) and three different apps for each game (Meta Maze, Bomba Blitz, and Dashi Dash). After some UX research, I unified everything in a single app and designed a store where you can unlock knacks by paying or inviting friends.

The old process was painful to the user and was not clear, it had a lot of unnecessary features. Clients are happy with the new process and love the new look and feel of the app. It is clean, clear and doesn't look old-fashioned.

It is available on IOS and Android.

About Knack
Through the power of AI, behavioral science, and mobile games, Knack allows you to learn more about your unique strengths, talents, and personality traits! After playing the three Knack Games and discovering your strengths, you can connect to personalized learning and career opportunities.

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