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"Poop Scene" children book Illustration

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“...Fort the water’s edge was the sniggergret’s home.
A dangerous reptile to face alone.
It will sniff you out with a flick of its tongue.
Leave you nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.

But clever old Frederick knew just what to do,
he covered himself in sniggergret poo!
Smothered in poo he was well protected,
and slipped past the sniggergret undetected.”

Hi again!

That’s another illustration I created for a nice children’s story called “Frederick the Nucky”, written by Samantha Richardson & Darren Richardson, which is a part of “The Little Trailblazers!”, a compilation book of short stories for young children put together by Rob Ford in aid of Unicef’s work for children. I was happy to make a little contribution to this wonderful project!

Let me know what you think about the project and about the illustrations!
Have a good one! ;)

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