Every December I hand letter my church's verse for the year. It's an honour to do it, especially as they have it hanging at the front of every service throughout the whole year. Sometimes as an artist, you can feel as those your work doesn't make a difference in this setting, but a few months ago someone randomly started coming to church because they saw my work outside the building, thought it looked cool and decided to enter in. 🙏

Because this piece needed to be replicated on large pop-up banners, it needs to be reproduced in vector format (scalable). So I did the majority of the work in Procreate, even deciding on the colour palette. I then made it black and white, exported it to Image Vectorizer, then brought it into Affinity Designer, where I organised it into sections and recoloured it. Clipping masks where used in Affinity for the darker shade of blue on the leaves. Clipping masks are much easier in Affinity than Adobe Illustrator. I'll do a proper video seem of this process soon, as it was fairly straightforward. Let me know if you have any questions.

Posted on Dec 11, 2018
Ian Barnard
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