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This is part of a Mother's Day Gift.
Now you are probably thinking that I am a bit late on this, trust me, I know.

My Mom is working for a client in Aruba right now and couldn't make it home for Mother's Day, so we decided to move the day until she gets back. I have been working on it for a while trying to get it just right. Its gone through a bunch of styles... each of which didn't really match what I was trying to convey, so I pitched them.

Thanks to @Visual Idiot I settled on this while trying his "Layer Style Diet." It really cut the fat and gave me something that I think my Mom will love. I may have cheated a little with the "Drop Shadows" but let's you and I keep that a secret. ;)

I also used the colour technique @Erica Schoonmaker dribbbled about a while back.

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