Yoyo App - Payment Form

Hey there!

Sharing few more screens for Yoyo App, in this case, the payment form for customers.

Yoyo is an app that enables merchants to get paid with credit cards by links.

Redesign Purpose
My conclusion about the old design was:
- Poor structure and unnecessary features.
- Useful information is hidden from the merchant.
- The merchants don't know how much money they have already earned today.
- Among others...

Redesign Goals
Create a sexy (Lol) and powerful app, enhance its usability and make it unique.

After analyzing the old design, talking with some current users about their feelings and making some wireframes the next step was to create a pixel-perfect user interface design.

This project is still in progress, that means it could change in the future, for that reason, I would appreciate each feedback you want to give me.

Let me know what you think about this. Follow me and stay tuned.

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