Alpaca is the service that helps people find appropriate apartments and connect business in the apartment rental industry with their audience. The process to find a room is easier and trustier than on other services because all communication takes place through Facebook groups (2.5M users worldwide, in 225 cities and 13 countries). 

The client came to us with existing logo design represented Alpaca, but it was looked more like lama. Our goal was to develop a bold, catchy brand identity that emphasises Alpaca as the most reliable, trustworthy, efficient and friendly service. 

Our team proposed some sketches with nice alpacas in a minimalistic style. It was very important to make the silhouette not to look like lama that can prevent remembering the brand.  The chosen concept fully reflects the task and stands out of competitors designs. 

We also proposed fonts, colours and the pattern which harmoniously blending with logo design mood.  Since the main instruments of communication with the company are Facebook groups, we also focused on social media designs to make all components in one style. 

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