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The devil is a blank canvas

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As I near 15 years in the industry, my goals are shifting away from creating "the latest newest most awesomest" thing. Instead, I'm focused on a combination of efficiency and repaying my debt to the internet.

I feel like I've not contributed to the design community as much as I should've. This is something became aware of 2 years ago, and have gradually started changing. Now I'm part of several design communities where I try and share as much of my experience as possible.

And just a couple of weeks ago, I published my first article.

This probably doesn't sound like a big deal. But it feels like it, to me. It's my way of helping out designers that were once in the same place I was in: dropped out of school, and learning by doing.

This is probably my most personal Dribbble shot. Oddly. And also the one I'm the most proud of. Even though technically, this is just a little scribble. It just represents far more than just a little blank page.

It's the start of something great... hopefully ;)

Here's the article!

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