Antoine Plu

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I'm sharing with you this morning my vision about this new project I'm working on.

This application is the result of my thinking about learning new design knowledge based on the content we're reading, watching or even listenning on our every day basis.

Content is not the problem because it's already there. But where to search, and mostly how efficient can you be to learn new things in the shortest amount of time?

I envision a platform with the minimum amount of noise, based on the simplicity to search topic-based knowledge into all the database quickly and as simple as possible.

To do that, I've imagined a set of feature that can be essential in our research to empower people and spend less time possible to let find what you're looking for then go back to your work.

This project is currently in development, I'll share with you along the way some news about it. You can stay in touch directly on Twitter.

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