Jantine Zandbergen

30 Day Logo Challenge II - ZeldaGuide.com

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30 Day Logo Challenge II - ZeldaGuide.com nintendo sword illustrator vector logoaday logo logocore illustration zelda icons clean zeldaguide zelda 30 day logo challenge

The second brief in the 'Thirty Day Logo Challenge' is for 'ZeldaGuide.com', a – you guessed it – Zelda fan platform. The brief requested to stay away from the well-known Zelda typography and make sure not to use imagery that is copyrighted by Nintendo.

I decided to draw Link's sword (yay swords!) and make an emblem that is one hell of a logo (literally, try placing this in a menu bar ☠️) yet will work well on t-shirts. Made sure to check the illustration with my boyfriend, a true Zelda fan, and it got approved! 🎉 Now excuse me when I go back to my Switch for some Pokemon Let's Go 💁🏻

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