Freelancing Rules: Get a Contract

So a little bit ago, I went full time freelance. It's been a ride full of a lot of lessons learned. On my instagram, I asked people for their diehard rules of the trade, and I compiled a list that should help people run their business a little more smoothly.

Get a contract. It helps you establish what is agreed upon, and it keeps you and your client honest. Even with friends and small projects, this little piece of paper will take the stress off. It guarantees you your pay and your client their work. If you struggle with writing contracts, there are services out there who write them for you. I use Bonsai for my clients, and it's made my life run so much more smoothly. Some clients will have their own contracts, but make sure you read through it carefully. At the end of the day, anything worth doing is worth doing on paper. Protect yourself and don't push that stress to further down the road. Get. Your. Contract.

If you have some design rules you live by, feel free to comment or message me on Instagram.

Tatiana Bischak
Brand supporting illustration and design.

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