Enes Aktaş

"Professor X App" for Zeplin.io Hackathon Challange [Winner]

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Hi folks, We joined the hackaton organized by Zeplin.io as a team [20 July 2018]. We're first.

What was the subject of the hackhaton?
If the superheroes alive today, what could we do to make their life easier?

Our Problem
Professor X needs Cerebro to communicate with the mutants, but there is not always a position to reach Cerebro. Using Cerebro to find the mutants according to their characteristics and not match them for the appropriate task.

In a simple way, Professor X identifies a task through the mobile application and selects the appropriate capabilities for that task. Ability to match the appropriate mutants according to capabilities.

Hackathon was very excited, we have developed and designed 2 applications within 24 hours. We made our presentation and we were the winner.

Thank you Zeplin.io

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