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UPIRDRY - 100% FREE WATER-BRUSH FONT open type color font open type bitmap font adobe photoshop fontself waterbrush font download free bitmap font color font font watercolor


All caps water-brush font with numbers and few special characters. And accented characters for Czech language, you know, so that I could write my name :) Two versions available:

upirdry-vector.otf - standard open type vector font. Use it with any application.

upirdry.otf - open type bitmap font, so you would need latest Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign in order to use it. Mac OS should be able to display it as well.

Font is 100% free - use it for whatever you want, no restrictions. If you create something with it, it would be great if you could post link into comments. If you happen to mention name of the font or my name, I would surely appreciate it.

Created in Photoshop with Fontself plugin. In Windows, just install it as normal font, though Windows would show no preview for bitmap version. It should work just fine in latest PS/AI/INDD. Original bitmap glyphs have height of about 500 px, as long as you don´t resize one word to fill the entire page, you should be fine.

For bitmap font, you cannot just change color like for normal fonts. Use color overlay / gradient map / hue and saturation / invert... basically any adjustments to get some color out of it. Transparency is fine tuned, so it should work on various background colors / photographs. It works even on black, as the characters are not pure black, but rather dark gray color.

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