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Please check out the attached file!!!

Ok, this has been a lot of work, more or less 60 hours.

It's a 3d rebound of a background from Monkey Island 2 using 3ds Max + Vray. Just fanart!

Here you have the original background: (from the Monkey Island 2 special edition).

Some of the steps I followed:

1. First, I put the original background in a viewport and I started to place some 3d primitives:

2. Then, I carefully modeled all the elements trying to put them in the correct positions. Changing from 2d to 3d is not as easy as it sounds. Some of them have lot of details ( I modeled almost everything until I arrived to this:

3. Them I started my favourite part: ilummination. I used several things: a "Target Directional Light" with blue dark color, an omni light for the lamp, the vray global illumination and an HDRI map of a night photo. This was the first result:

4. After that I started the texturing of all the elements. I created my own textures. Here you have some you can use for FREE (you don't neet to mention me and you can do whatever you want with them):, and I used "vraydisplacement_mod" in almost all surfaces. The water is a shader I mixed with a seaweed texture.

5. Finally I added more details: the background with stars (that is just an image in a 3d plane), some fog in the horizont (another image in a plane), the lamp glow and glowworms (once again an image in plane with alpha channel). I added some seaweeds, plants, etc, too.

6. The final result has no postproduction, only a blue tint. All the details were directly rendered. I'm specially proud of this :D

Hope you like it!

Feedback will be welcome!

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