Jantine Zandbergen

30 Day Logo Challenge I - Alison Cosmetics

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30 Day Logo Challenge I - Alison Cosmetics alison cosmetics vegan icon design clean illustrator vector logo a day logocore 30 day logo challenge feminine cosmetics logo

Something new: I stumbled upon the 'Thirty Day Logo Challenge' by LogoCore and decided to give it a shot! Since December is always a bit hectic I'm not going to commit to thirty days in a row, look forward to start creating though!

The first brief is for Alison Cosmetics, a vegan skincare company. Right up my alley! The brief asked for soft colors, no cursive typefaces and the ability to scale the logo down to a small icon on the bottom of a lipstick case.

My inspiration came from the 'V'-brand featured on vegan products and the leaping bunny, the logo that tells if a skincare product is cruelty free. I made a stylistic set of bunny ears (had to make sure they didn't look like the Playboy icon! 😂) and paired it with a bold and clean typeface. Think it would make a great pattern too! 🐰

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