The Beatbox Club Poster

Just launched The Beatbox Club, a subscription based service of instrumental music for your creative and marketing efforts.

The thing is that it's unlimited usage. So you don't have to deal with crazy licensing. You can do whatever you want with the music other than resell it like The Beatbox Club. So make your songs, add to your videos, do what you like!

Right now, it's my music, which is mostly hiphop, which can be from chill to dark vibes. Soon I want to add on more producers to help out with other genres.

For this post, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create a poster. Yes I could post a shot of the website, but I haven't done a poster in a while. So poster it is!

SN, it took me five years to pivot to what I have now. Here's what I tried to do before:

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