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Hey airbody!

My apologies for being bad at posting work on this website. I've been encapsulated in a metaphysical identity crisis with a hearty dash of raging depression and anxiety for the past couple years. I hit an enormous brick wall face first in early 2016. Though I mean that in an introspective sense the physical pain has a way of ghostly manifesting itself as well. I think its worth mentioning that it wasn't a "creative block" or some other self diagnosed bullshit to justify my own laziness. I was manically drawing every single day for 10 hours in a room by myself not being able to finish a single piece - thus the work I was able to show (be proud of) was zero. I hated everything I was making and was a couple years into sobriety from alcohol which led me to some soul crushing realization of what my purpose on this earth was. I felt like a run of the mill hack who didn't know shit about fuck.
I spent the last 3.5 years off my computer teaching myself to draw with pen and ink as I was unable to attain the lines I craved in other computer assisted software. The last year I've been drawing every logo, symbol, and letter in procreate using the Apple Pencil. Without sounding overly dramatic it saved my life as I was finally able to capture my clumsy but honest hand in the work itself. Using Ai was paralyzing to me and when I sat down to use it it was as if my hands and mind became shackled. I literally could not move them with any kind of true purpose. I thought I was finished in a career sense and also in a grander 'what is my purpose on this earth' sense. As of today I feel like I am now just beginning a new life.
Thank you to every human being who has paid me money, dropped a nice email, or even just followed my work. I truly love you all.

I'll be posting a miniature vignette over the next couple days that documents some of the design process of a personal rebrand. My Hope is that these images as a cohesive unit will be somewhat more indicative of where I want to be as a designy person.
God bless and take a huge gulp of sunshine for breakfast! 🤴💚🌞👻

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