A while back, we decided to dust off all our favorite music players and do something interesting with them. We began by disassembling an then combining them to create the perfect intern: a friend with battery for days, a hard worker with a smile on its face-screen and a song in its motherboard-heart.

Its name is V.O.B.I Virtual-Operating-Beats-Innovator

Its main passion is music and the joy of sharing it with others. VOBI is equipped with an exabyte of current hits and classics, many have been stored in its memory for decades. As much as it wants to show us the full repertoire, it also likes to build up the suspense and surprise us with a new playlist every month. VOBI can’t be contained by a single genre, it loves discovering new bands and savours the flavours of each rhythm it come across.

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José Pacheco Arellano
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