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Medjed - Assassin, Eye, Beams

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Medjed - Assassin, Eye, Beams art deco identity brand beam branding logo eye assassin

New take on my logo for 'Medjed'. This concept merges the idea of a hooded assassin with negative space that forms an eye. Beams come from the eye in the form of negative space as well which also forms the seams for the hood.

The point of this logo was to be abstract enough while maintaining the concepts behind the name. I made this with the intention that it would be used by a cult-like assassin guild, if one existed.

Some context: Medjed is an Egyptian god known as 'the smiter'. He is often depicted with beams of light coming from his eyes, and he is also known to be invisible. Not much is known about this god which makes him mysterious. In my opinion that's closely describing an assassin as he served another Egyptian god and killed his targets. Which is why I decided to integrate the idea of a hooded figure into the mark.

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