Dribbble Shot Popup

Dribbble shot popup

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Next shot in the new revamp of my dribbble app concept

this shot is what you will see when you tap & hold on a shot from the gallery.

from the popup the user can

* view the users profile by tapping on there information on the top left of the shot
* follow the player/prospect etc
* hire them - if they have that option enabled
* view all responses - this will dynamically resize the shot and position it higher up the screen and offer a scrolling comments box. if the user wants to comment, they will be directed to the standard full view shot (not yet created)
* like the comment by tapping the heart icon
* add it to a bucket, rebound or tweet the shot - this will load up the full view shot to allow for these options (currently deciding if this is a good idea for the user experience to go from a popup to a full screen for certain controls but will be fixed in due course)
* copy the link of the shot to the device clipboard

to close this shot the user can tap anywhere around the outside of the shot or pinch to return to previous screen

as always feedback is very much welcome :)

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