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Beta Yarn logo

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Beta Yarn logo illustration design colorful simple identity minimalist logo

This was originally made using Vectr, quite a long while before I warmed up my stone age ways to using Photoshop.

It is a logo for a website whose focus is on display of poetry, mostly spoken word poems in page formats, and selling of custom poetry design shirts and eBooks.

With over 200+ pieces, what came to mind at first about the brand is that: this is a stack, and poets and pens are quite inseparable, so I made a simple logo that connotes a stack of books, but in between, a book kind of shifts out to be a pen.

And I made this logo keeping in mind that it has to be feasible for tweaking to showcase the shop aspect of the brand.

Hence, how I was able to come up with that I'll show next.

P.S: color detailing is a long story.

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