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Redzone 2.0

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Redzone 2.0 theuflproject sports branding typography typeface design typeface font

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Introducing a brand new Redzone display family!

“Redzone” is a fully-kerned titlecase display typeface built for the sports branding industry and similar projects. Originally developed in October of 2017, “Redzone” has since matured into a versatile family of thin, standard, and bold weights as well as stencil and sheared styles to adapt to project needs. While maintaining the same sharp angles and daring personality as its predecessor, “Redzone” now presents itself in a more sophisticated package.

“Redzone” also serves as the official typeface for the “Ultimate Football League”, a fictional league that began as crayon-drawn logos a pad of paper and has since developed into an extensive passion project some 13 years later. The task, dubbed “The UFL Project”, consists of building unique brands, creating custom uniforms and apparel, and developing custom typography for each of the 32 teams.

Redzone is 20% off until 12.24.18, enjoy!

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