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Thank you Michael Sacca

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I had not in any thought considered being invited to be a player, at least not soon, nor by someone whom I have had no connection with as at that, but then the mail came in and I was really glad. Thank you, Michael, thank you.

The rationale behind the design: on the left is my personal Logo, as it's displayed on my Laptop's home screen and beside it is a logo mark made to depict the initial M and S and at the same time look like a mail with the Gmail preloader effect halved in quite smooth. (I received the news in my Gmail). And also look like a cut crown, for I consider Mr. Sacca king, royal (for the good gesture and his awesome designs).

And below, thankfully written in a way I appreciate Typography, Michael @Sacca. Here's an appreciation token.

Thank you all for taking me in, I will sharpen my skills and get better!

PS: My logo is what it is, no hidden stuff, a pen, and a head, for I am a thinker, and always put them down in words and more, all subsequently boiling down to the use of the pen.

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