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Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM bassline synthesizer

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Hello friends,

Eplex7 Analog Bass Unit N4 - EDM bassline synthesizer

Combination of various digital and realistic analog oscillators (with on/off digital stabilization), true sounding analog filter and warm saturation, with precisely modelled all aspects of analog synthesis as circuit temperature noise, de-stabilization of analog components etc. makes this bassline synthesizer ideal for many electronic music genres:

Psytrance, Hi-Tech, DarkPsy, Full on psytrance, Uplifting trance, Electro clash, Electro house, Deep House, Funky music, Hip hop, Electronic body music EBM, Disco, Dance / EDM, Minimal techno, Progressive, Tech house, Proggy trance and more.

More information is available at my website: http://eplex7.com/


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