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Freestyle Friday: Bouncing Yoyo Dreams

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This past Freestyle Friday, our 1-hour challenge was to come with any 2 or 3 words written on index cards. When we entered the challenge, we all put our words face down on a table, mixed them up, and had to choose 2 to 3 index cards at random.

The words I chose were "bouncing yoyo dreams". We were then told we had 60 minutes to make a logo with those words.

Since the words I chose were so out-there, I wanted to do something unique with them. Using retro VHS distributor logos as inspiration, I created a logo that references some design cues from the 1980s, but with a modern twist. I intended on my "fake" company being either a vintage record company or a DVD distributor.

Little did we know that once we all entered the room after an hour with our final design, we were once again told to place them all face down on the table. We then had to choose a logo at random, and explain it as if we were presenting it to a client.

@Matt Pringle presented this one, and turned it into a pitch to a mattress company. Props to him for thinking on his feet!

If you're not aware of what Freestyle Fridays are here at DS, I wrote a solid blog article about them that you could view here if you're interested:

This one was one of my favorites by far. Loved the twists. Thanks for hosting @Andre Picard, your mind is brilliant.

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