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Health Mate — Sleep Score 🌙

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Health Mate — Sleep Score 🌙 app health dashboard ring score data graph sleep

We released a new Sleep sensor in April 2018 as a successor to Withings' smart alarm clock Aura. With that new device we decided to redesign the sleep tracking experience in the Health Mate app.

We decided to adopt the Sleep Score as our hero metric. It is a score out of 100% composed of several sub-metrics (Duration, Depth, Regularity, Interruptions, Time to Sleep & Time to Get Up).

We've learned in Research that sleep can feel out of control, so we didn't want the Score to be an extra level of abstraction: we decided to showcase the score machinery to the user so they can see which sub-metric they need to improve while also valuing the ones they are already doing great at.

Each score sub-metric is given a diagnosis color, and the user can tap into the diagnosis to learn more.


Product Designers: Lucas Guarneri, Alexandra Fitzroy & Michael Armstrong.
Design Research: Ana Roji & Lucas Guarneri.

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