Part of a pitch for the rebranding of a mall

If you rethink the wordmark "Neukölln Arcaden" (a shopping mall in Berlin Neukölln), you might want to split it up a bit differently: NEU / KÖLLN / ARCADEN
This way you can play around with "NEU" (which is german for "new") and "KÖLLN". To welcome those people who come from all over Europe (and the world) to Neukölln, you can modify the wordmark to e.g. "NOWY / KÖLLN / ARCADEN", "NEW / KÖLLN / ARCADEN" and "YENI / KÖLLN / ARCADEN". On the other hand, if you buy something (there), it will be "NEU", too. So it would read "NEU / SMARTPHONE / ARCADEN". And if you want to go all crazy, you try to tell a complete story by using emojis.

Posted on Nov 18, 2018

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