Stanley & Mudford is a new food venture launching soon, created by a very good friend of mine Jak. Jak has created a range of chilli sauces and I really fell in love with his brand story before I had even started any design work.

Stanley & Mudford is named after his grandparents, one of his Grandfather's was born in Stanley in Yorkshire and his Great-Grandmother's Grandmother was born in Mudford in Somerset. Each chilli sauce will be named after a lady in his family or a close friend so the brand really has family values at it’s core.

Sometimes with branding projects I like to experiment with many different ideas but with Stanley & Mudford I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. I took the outline of Somerset and North Somerset and West Yorkshire and created a custom shape. I wanted to layer the sense of family upon the shape so I played around with a photo and a vector of tree bark because the brand reminds me of a family tree. However, in the end both Jak and I felt that a fingerprint was more personal. Jak even ended up inking and scanning his own thumbprint in for the texture, you definitely can't get more personal than that (although I have tweaked his print in Photoshop!)

I played around with the typography and I’m pleased with how Brawls Typeface creates a retro and vintage vibe, which echos the sense of history and family roots running throughout this brand. The logo will remain in black and white and colour will be introduced on the bottle labels.

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