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Lumitic Logo Design

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Firefly is one of the bioluminescent animals. People are mostly familiar with this bioluminescent animal.

When in groups, fireflies often synchronize themselves / their glow signals, so it looks like they are making a light show. They can produce various colors, depending on the exact species, and the colors are green, yellow, and orange.

This can be transferred to Lumitic bracelet, which, in a sense, makes people synchronize, unite, and create a light show. Their light is often described as the most efficient light in the world. This also can be attributed to Lumitic bracelet.

The lower back of the firefly is interpreted in a style of pixels, which refers to the fact that all the people are acting as pixels during the event. Also, the fact that fireflies are making light show when in groups is also contributing to this logo concept.

Client: Lumitic
Agency: eMedia Patch

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