Musify, Teaser Page

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I'm excited to announce the launch of the teaser page for the project I co-founded and I've been working on:

Musify is a music streaming app (web and mobile) that uses your dropbox or box space to store Your music in the cloud.

Within the app you will be able to listen to your music pretty much anywhere. For free.

Not only that but we are working hard to have the best way to discover new music by enabling a "follow" system (in the likes of twitter) and in other ways that are still in "classified" mode ;)

You can register in the teaser page to be notified when the Musify is launched (this year), or even be part of a closed beta.

I would love to know what you think about it :)

Oh: If yo have a band or are an artist and want your music available on Musify, reach me on


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