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Papa bolt 🌩

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Papa bolt 🌩 manga anime video games recreation japanese language weird fanart characterdesign yokai character design illustrator illustration

Normally I don’t make fan stuff. But today I had to! I was watching Yo-Kai Watch with my kids and one of the coolest Yo-Kai I’ve seen designed was this guy! Papa Bolt! Makes me miss the bun I cut off a year ago.
Sometimes I go back a little bit when I was in high school and I really loved character design. I think we even had to write an essay one time of a career that interests us and that’s what I chose. Sadly I got blank stares from everyone. Woah tangent sorry.

Anyways I really loved this guys design and had to recreate him. It’s part me going back to my love of character design and if you noticed I wrote his name in Japanese. It’s part of me going back to Japanese class days. Here’s an intentional tangent: I failed Spanish in college twice! I received honors in two years of Japanese. How weird.

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