As a kid growing up in a small town in northern Italy, there wasn't a lot to do besides playing soccer and helping my grandma cook. It was instant love for me when I bought my first copy of L'Uomo Ragno (that's how we call Spider-Man in Italy) and every week since then I was the first in line to get a new issue. Stan Lee (and Kirby) had an incredible impact on my creative development. The idea that a couple of quirky guys could create an amazing character like Spidey ( and Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and many more) made me dream of a future as a comic book artist and storyteller. Unfortunately my style never evolved from the childhood phase 😀 and my interest in comic books eventually faded out but I owe a lot of gratitude to Stan Lee and his contagious creativity. The incredible world he co-created had and will have a long lasting effect on kids and adults all over the world.

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