After 3 years of using my previous Ben Illustrated 'B' mark, I knew it was time for an update. Not because I thought my mark wasn’t a good representation of me or my work but because it wasn’t as versatile as I had hoped. Having a logo that wasn’t able to be produced as a one-color mark wasn’t ideal. It became clear to me that a change must be made when I was asked for a one-color version and I didn’t have one.

I still love using the letter ‘B’ so that’s something I wanted to keep consistent in the evolution. The new mark had to be just as iconic and simple as my previous mark. The five-pointed asterisks are not only beautiful shapes, but they create two circles by way of gestalt. You see something that isn’t there, but implied. The asterisk also references. It implores the viewer to look for a footnote or deeper meaning and that’s what I hope my illustration work does when people view it.

Please enjoy my illustration portfolio:


Ben Stafford
You're gonna like the way it looks. I guarantee it.

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