The J.O.B. Public House Food & Drink Menu


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We've finally launched the new menus, rolodexes, and other collateral for one of our favorite local bars, The J.O.B. Public House. This shot and the attached photos are of the food (folder) and drink (paper) menus with the rest of the collateral coming in later shots.

When J.O.B. came to us they requested that their collateral match their already established vibe. They are a quiet bar (no live music, which is rare for their location) and a vast high-end whiskey selection. We wanted to strike a balance between playing off their name (they also own a restaurant named Grad School) and the upscale speakeasy vibe their historic building and drink selection offered. We were very careful not to overdo it and end up with an Applebee's style brand.

We landed on two key items that would play off the name. The first are the folders (as shown here) that house the food menu—titled Menurandum & Cubicles (small, damn tasty square sandwiches). The second items are whiskey menu rolodexes, which I will post later.

Although print design isn't my specialty, this was one of the most exciting projects I've worked on this year. This type of work may not keep the lights on but it's great for a creative outlet and an end product you can be proud of. We sure are.

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