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Hello :)

First, I want to thanks @Bertrand Berlureau for the invite ♥

Here is a prototype of a new version of a rp website we build for our sweet community I made with @Ashley Musitelli ! This is the home page of the project in which are implemented lots of interaction thought for everyday rpgists uses.
Moreover, important information is easily presented to newcommers, such as a quick lore, the kind of rp website Mayaku is about, the mood of the city and our community (by choice of illustration, typography, creating a fake Twitter for our characters...), or even the size of the avatars requested.

We also implemented a "sign up" button to favor the players' decision to join our community, which is an innovation for the rp french community. (and a lot +++)

By designing our rp website, we try to push the limits of the plateform we use to always be innovative :) We try to think out of the box to add value to our writings and stories, we want to create an entertaining and easy to use, understand and invest environment for our members. I hope we do so ~

Be ready for the interractions :)


This work is done in collaboration with Ashley Musitelli ♥
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