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  1. Brittani Riley Brittani Riley

    Did some more work on my Racqit design. Racqit is an experiment in rethinking sports tracking: a fun way to blend social networking with your racquetball interest. This is the first page you see when you open the app. It lists your current game stats, friend count, shows you any earned badges, and then there is a menu at the bottom that lists local activity of your concern. For the record: Anyone interested in racquetball: this app will eventually be released. :)

    Full resolution here: http://bit.ly/JWxQ1B

    Feedback of any variety appreciated.

    almost 2 years ago

  2. Alex Wright Alex Wright

    This is pretty awesome- don't have much criticism at all. Have you considered making the playpals icon a multi-person icon instead of singular? I know it would be smaller, but would fit context more. Also, I'm not really sure what the center icon is supposed to represent. It looks like it's either a message or mail center, but could also represent a court to be location. Other than that, love the colors, type, and subtle textures! :)

    almost 2 years ago

  3. Brittani Riley Brittani Riley

    @Alex Wright Thanks for the feedback! Using a multi-person icon instead of the singular one makes sense. I'll give that a shot next iteration of the design. And the "center" icon is an inbox with messages in there - the purpose that part of the app is to act as an all-around "communcation center" of sorts. Where you'd receive messages, send messages, respond to challenges, issue challenges, etc. But if that's not clear, I definitely need to rework that a bit.

    Thanks again!

    almost 2 years ago

  4. Alex Wright Alex Wright

    I think that makes sense- that was my initial thought as well, it was the text 'center' that made me second-guess myself. 'Messages' may work better to afford less confusion, however I think with the description you gave of the purpose of that part, 'Center' makes more sense. Sounds good to me!

    almost 2 years ago

  5. alex Ghevara alex Ghevara

    thanks brittani , nice workk =

    almost 2 years ago

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