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Email Is Not Dead

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This is my personal favorite design from The Spooky Collection for EmailTees, which features Halloween-inspired designs. There's a million "email is dead" articles ever year, which is always what work communication or chat tools (i.e. Slack, Asana, etc.) claim just as a way to market their products. Obviously there are better ways to communicate for internal teams nowadays, but email is not dead (the phrase we've adopted in the email industry). Our email address is the basis for our online identity and it's the best way to receive to updates from people and brands we want. It's always outperformed social media and all the shiny new objects on the block.

The design concept was to have a Halloween font with a Frankenstein hand coming out of the ground holding the paper airplane logo emblem of EmailTees surrounded by gravestones, showing email isn't dead and is, in fact, alive. I'm not really much of a graphic designer, so you can see the Frankenstein hand itself is pretty weak on the illustration, so I was a little unhappy about that specific part, but overall I think it's a strong design that holds up.

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