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"Shaped by Purpose"

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We start every project with words. We don't start with sketches. We don't start with typefaces. We write.

I wanted to share one of the manifesto / brand promise / positioning statement pieces we wrote for our friends at TSG Resolute in Americus, GA. Enjoy.

The works of our hands are not glorious in themselves.
We align.
We impress.
We cut.
We combine.
A million little pieces, crafted in the service of another.

This is who we are.
On mission to help produce objects, for projects both spectacular and mundane, with precision and purpose.

We are artisans.
Taking the right materials and removing everything that isn’t purposeful.

We are engineers.
Melding vision and opportunity into resource.

We are dreamers.
Believing deeply in infinite possibility.

We are TSG Resolute.

We believe in our people.
Able to commit mind and hand to any task with nimble strength.
Proof that amazing things can come out of South Georgia.

We believe in our clients.
Making our world better with their creativity.

We believe in the sprint.
Rapidly moving through ideas and prototypes.

We believe in the long game.
Committing to processes and practices that shape us into who we could be.

Humans are never satisfied with the way things are.
We possess this innate desire to make.
Then to change the things we make.
To work with other humans and make bigger and better things.

In the process, something happens to us.
Something we hardly notice.

The things we make, in the end, make us.
Form us.
Change us.

The rhythms of creation and refinement slowly shape us.
And we become a people with purpose
as we shape things with purpose.

We are TSG Resolute.

Shaped by Purpose.

In truth and beauty, and for the common good.
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