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Hi everyone!

Here is a preview of a website I have been working on recently for a Hair Products company in Italy. They have been attempting to distribute their products in America, but have struggled - being foreign. This is a very early prototype, as I haven't gotten much content from them yet. and there will likely be some significant changes in terms of layout design. Namely, the 'explore' button will be redesigned, as I'm fairly certain I grabbed the idea from another designer long ago!

To create this design, I used the compositional techniques: Rabatment of the Rectangle & the Rule of Thirds. The company wants to appear high-end, yet accessible to their primary target audience. They also want to maintain an Italian-like style, while also implementing some American grunge. The purpose of this design was to set a 'theme' for the company that we could work off of.

I will post the final version as a comparison when I've finished. Enjoy!

Posted on Oct 31, 2018
Luke Isitt
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